God has a name

St Mary Magdalene Church in Chulmleigh will move away from the The Bible in One Year to look at a range of studies over the coming weeks.


On Sunday 17 January 2021 we will start on a new shared teaching series looking at the book “God has a name” by John Mark Comer. This builds strongly upon our time in the Old Testament with an accessible look at who God is through God’s own description of himself to Moses found in Exodus 34: 4-7.  In places we will look at the scriptures word by word but with a wonderful depth that John Mark Comer relates to everyday life, including when God says something twice that we should stop and listen.


The teaching series will be in 8 parts:


17 Jan 2021   Prologue:

                    The God on top of the mountain

24 Jan 2021   Yahweh

31 Jan 2021   Yahweh

07 Feb 2021   Compassionate and gracious

14 Feb 2021   Slow to anger

21 Feb 2021   Abounding in love and faithfulness

28 Feb 2021   Yet he does not leave the guilty


07 Mar 2021  Epilogue: Jealous


All are welcome to join us.  See the weekly news sheet for further details.



St James Church Chawleigh will be starting the year with a teaching series on Paul’s letter to the Romans based upon the books by Christopher Ash.  The teaching sessions are shared among members of the church as they look at Romans together.  Services will be online via Zoom and times will vary as Janet has her curacy placement with Crediton Church.  All are welcome to join.  See the weekly news sheet for further details.


03 Jan       Introduction to Romans - Romans 1:1-15

10 Jan       Coming under Grace - Romans 1:16 - 4:25

17 Jan       Living under Grace - Romans 5:1 - 8:39

24 Jan       The Overflow of Grace - Romans 9:1 - 11:36

31 Jan       A Church shaped by Grace -

                  Romans 12:1 - 15:13

07 Feb      Conclusion - Romans 15:14 - 16:27

14 Feb      Where to now?


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

We are offering a home group looking at The Ruthless elimination of Hurry: How to stay emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world by John Mark Comer.


The Home Group will meet by Zoom meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9pm details are available in weekly newsheet.


28 October   Session 1  The Problem

     Chapter 1   - Hurry: the great enemy of spiritual life

     Chapter 2   - A brief history of speed

     Chapter 3   - Something is deeply wrong


04 November Session 2  The Solution  

     Chapter 4  - Hint the solution isn't more time

     Chapter 5  - The secret of the easy yoke

     Chapter 6 - What we're really talking

                      about is a rule of life


11 November Session 3  Four practices for

                                   unhurrying your life

     Chapter  7 - No 1 -  Silence and Solitude


18 November Session 4 Four practices for

                                  unhurrying your life

     Chapter 8  - No 2 -  Sabbath


25 November Session 5 Four practices for

                                  unhurrying your life

     Chapter 9  - No 3 -  Simplicity


02 December Session 6 Four practices for

                                  unhurrying your life   

     Chapter 10 - No 4 -  Slowing


The book has been used as the basis for the The Big Church Read which is currently nearing the end of the book and resources including an introductory video are available free to access online


The Big Church Read


The ideas within the book are also explored further on the Practicing the Way website produced by Bridgetown Church


Practicing the Way


Practicing The Way is a labor of Bridgetown Church in Portland, Oregon. We work to compile the practices of Jesus into a practical and accessible resource for all apprentices of Jesus. Bridgetown Church is built around the idea of practicing the way of Jesus, together, in Portland. We believe that to be an apprentice of Jesus of Nazareth is to order your life around three goals: be with Jesus, become like Jesus, and do what Jesus did. Our dream is that as we live this way, our lives, our communities, and our city, will be transformed. Our prayer is as Jesus prayed, that God’s will would be done in Portland as it is in Heaven.


The Bible in One Year

As we continue on our journey together we will be looking at the whole story of The Bible over the coming year during our Sunday services, Easter 2020 to Easter 2021, with a teaching series and themed services.


The teaching series will use a range of resources including The Bible Project online resources for Bible Study and the Read Scripture Reading Plan which offers a free app for Apple or Android phones/tablets. & Read Scripture app available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


The Prayer Course

We are offering the Prayer Course, an eight week journey through the Lord’s Prayer which started as a Lent Course before Easter but is now continuing as a Zoom meeting on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9pm details are available in weekly newsheet.


19 February       Session 1         Why Pray?
26 February       Session 2         Adoration
04 March           Session 3         Petition
11 March           Session 4         Intercession


Now meeting weekly via Zoom see details in weekly newsheet


22 April             Session 5         Unanswered Prayer
29 April             Session 6         Contemplation
06 May             Session 7         Listening
13 May             Session 8         Spiritual Warfare


The course information is all free to access on line


We also recommend that you purchase a copy of Pete Greig’s Book How to Pray a simple guide for normal people which gives more detail.


The Letter of James

As we travel through winter we will be looking at the Letter of James together at St Mary Magdalene Church Chulmleigh during our Sunday services in January and February with a teaching series and themed services.


The teaching series will use a range of resources including The Bible Project which offers free online resources for Bible Study.


Alpha Course 2021 - Online

Alpha is a course over eleven sessions open to all where we will gather together for a meal and talk about life and about Jesus Christ and what he means to us and why.  It will be a place where questions can be asked and no question will be considered too silly.


It will be a place to get to know each other and understand each other better.  And for some it will be a place to begin anew, to see life and our place within it in a new way and that you too can have a fresh start.  So come along and join us. 


It would be good to see you, please contact Tony at and reserve a place.


Grace Course 2020

The next Grace Course will be run in the spring of 2020


There is a charge of £10 for the course which includes the Course Handbook.


If you would like to be involved in either course please contact Tony at for further details.


Loud and Clear

Loud & Clear is all about preparing & delivering great talks and services!


We will be offering a brand new four-part course for everyone involved in leading and teaching within our Mission Community.  The course is based upon Loud & Clear resources from Soul Survivor and aims to help us to communicate God’s word! Teaching covers how to develop (and stick to) a main focus, how to use the Bible, structuring talks, using illustrations, applying the Bible, and delivery and body language.


Each of the four course sessions begins with a 30 minutes video with an accompanying worksheet for notes and exercises and will run for approximately 2 hours including a light lunch.