St James Chawleigh

Post Code EX18 7HJ
Churchwarden- Mr Hubert Elworthy

Regular Services:

Sundays       10.30 Morning Worship


We offer a more relaxed liturgical worship with worship songs and hymns


4th Sunday     10.30 Family Communion

                              with Sunday Club in the Jubilee Hall



Weekday Prayers

Wednesday     09.00

Upcoming Services and Events:

Sunday Club

Sunday Club held on the 4th Sunday of each month in the Jubilee Hall Chawleigh from 10:30am to 12:00 & is Free to children of primary school age to early teens.

The Letter of James

As we move towards winter we will be looking at the Letter of James together during our Sunday services up until mid December 2019 with a teaching series and themed services.


The teaching series will use a range of resources including The Bible Project which offers free online resources for Bible Study.

The first recorded priest of the church was Richard de Grangiis in 1279 but the present building is almost entirely a 15th century structure, considerably embellished around 1840. The rood screen extends across the nave and aisle and is a delight to the eye but the intricate carving does tend to separate the small choir and organist from the rest of the church. A local band ring the bells hanging in the tapering tower; the Local Ministry Team, small choir and regular organist all help to maintain welcoming weekly Sunday morning services. This together with various other activities gives a Christian presence in the village.