Team Rector:  

The Revd Tony Rockey
Tel: 01769 581712

The Rector has overall responsibility for the twelve churches of the Little Dart Team but is the minister of the seven churches in the west: Chulmleigh, Burrington, Chawleigh, Cheldon, Eggesford and Wembworthy and Thelbridge. 

Team Vicar and Rural Dean

The Revd Adrian Wells

Tel: 01884 861383.

The Vicar has responsibility for the churches in the east: Witheridge, Meshaw, Romansleigh, East and West Worlington.

Retired Minister (PTO):

The Revd Clive Jobbins.
Clive is a self-supporting minister and is able to offer Wednesdays and Sundays in the Mission Community.


The Revd Janet May

Tel. 01769 580791

Janet is based in Chawleigh.

For Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals

In Chulmleigh, Burrington, Chawleigh, Cheldon, Wembworthy and Eggesford and Thelbridge please contact Rev’d Tony


In Witheridge with Creacombe, Meshaw, Romansleigh, East Worlington and West Worlington please contact Rev’d Adrian.


Mrs Christine Chandler,

Mrs Wendy Isaac (PTO),

Readers play an important part in the ministry of the Church of England.  Readers have a teaching and preaching ministry; leading services, teaching about our faith, preaching and undertaking pastoral visiting among other duites. Readers are licensed by the Bishop after a number of years training.


In a few churches lay members of the congregations have formed small groups of three, four and five people to lead the worship in non-Eucharistic services, when no priest is available. Usually this occurs once a month in the larger churches, such as Chulmleigh, Witheridge, Chawleigh and Worlington. These groups have the authority of the priest to do so and are supervised accordingly.









The Reverend Adrian Wells



Churchwardens have responsibility for the day to day running of their church and will therefore answer routine questions, may be contacted initially via email on our contact page.

Their names appear alongside the other information of our churches.